Last month’s flavor was Schwarzenegger and this month it is Anthony Weiner, democratic US Congressman who has been embroiled  in controversy in the wake of posting lewd pictures for his female followers on Twitter. The scandal called Weinergate was all over the telly from the last 3 weeks.

The usual politician’s drill took place. At first he denied, suggesting someone had hacked his account. Then this someone became a political opponent. Lots of boos and media coverage followed. But Wiener was not done. After everything was failing around him, he said the image might have been doctored. And finally when all avenues were exhausted then inevitably he had to admit to his wrongdoing by starting with the words

“I haven’t been completely honest with myself”

Ah now politician’s statement containing the word honest, irony that. His work records are mixed. And one of the funnier aspects is that he was critical of UN diplomats not paying NYC parking tickets while at the same time he ran up $2,180 in unpaid Washington DC parking violations even running with expired registration plates on his car at one time.

Despite this public admission he refused to resign. The American media had a field day. And they also held a poll to decide whether he should resign or not.  Just goes to show power can corrupt and politicians are headless gaffers irrespective of any country they are born. Anthony Wiener has since resigned.
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